Donna Fial is the Office Coordinator at Brown & Kelly LLP.  Donna has a diversified role in the office and no day is like any other.  Her duties include (but are not limited to):  overseeing the filing system, opening and closing files, reception coverage, filing documents with the various courts, making general deliveries, monitoring and ordering office and kitchen supplies, making copies and scanning documents as needed, assisting in the organization of medical records and providing assistance to the Controller/Office Manager. 

“I’m an early bird, so I like to get in the office first thing in the morning, and get a heads up on the day.” Mrs. Fial says. “I don’t sit at my desk all day, and that is what I enjoy most about my job. Working as a team is important, and if you can help someone with a project, it truly makes for a better work environment.”

Donna graduated from Villa Maria High School with a Business/Office Studies Major.

In August of 2017, Mrs. Fial will be celebrating 35 years at Brown & Kelly.  Mrs. Fial remembers, “I had no office or legal experience of any kind, and am grateful for the chance Brown & Kelly gave me.”

In her spare time, Mrs. Fial enjoys spending time going to antiques markets with her husband Mark, gardening, reading, and spoiling her dog Lucky.

Brown & Kelly is honored to have such a loyal employee as part of its firm, team and family.  She is the epitome of dedication.       

“10 Things” with Donna Fial:

1. If you could have any other profession than working in an office, what would it be? I love going to antique markets and gift shops, so I would love to own my own shop with lots of Kitschy Items

2. Pet? 1 dog Lucky (a mix breed Chihuahua/terrier from the Buffalo Animal Shelter)

3. Bucket List Wish? I’d love to get an RV and see the entire United States with my husband. No Thruways or expensive hotels, just the real sites and roads.

4. Favorite Place you’ve ever visited? Disney World

5. Worst subject in High School? Math

6. Favorite restaurant in Buffalo? La Bella Sicilia

7. Place you’d most like to visit? Germany (I would like to see what is called the Christkindlmarket- this is a shopping market held in Germany for the holiday season)

8. Favorite Food? French Fries & Gravy

9. Favorite thing about living in Buffalo?   The People (we are truly the “City of Good Neighbors”

10. Least favorite thing about living in Buffalo? Shoveling Snow.


Brown & Kelly participated in the Lawyers for Learning Bowling Tournament May 19, 2016. The Men’s team brought home the Male Team High Series win!!! They had a combined (2 game) score of 1428. Steve Parrish had the high game score of 207. 
A special thank you to the participants: Sue Yerkey, Paul Yerkey, Dawn Lindner, Dominic Driscoll, Teresa Cleary, Paul Callahan, Bobbie Jo Keller, Jake Keller, Renata Kowalczuk, and Steve Parrish.


On Wednesday, January 27, 2016, Managing Partner Kenneth A, Krajewski attended the Annual Joint Dinner for the Torts, Insurance & Compensation Law (TICL) and Trial Lawyers sections of the New York State Bar Association. As Vice Chair of TICL, Mr. Krajewski presented the outgoing Chair, Mirna Santiago, with a plaque in recognition of her service to the organization.
Pictured left to right TICL Members: Mirna Santiago, Chair; Kenneth A. Krajewski, Vice Chair; Brendan Baynes, Treasurer; Gary Cusano, Annual Meeting Co-Chair; Leslie McMillan, Annual Meeting Co-Chair; and Rob Coughlin, Immediate Past Chair.


After two years of planning, Brown & Kelly has officially moved to the Main Place Tower. We would like to give our heartfelt thanks to the two people who engineered the move: Managing Partner Kenneth A. Krajewski and Senior Litigation and Trial Paralegal Rebecca Koenig.

We would like to point out that Ms. Koenig not only planned the move itself, she was our “Moving Czar”. She coordinated our move with all vendors, both buildings and our attorneys and staff, and was the driving force in the design of the office. Her keen eye in creating a comfortable, yet businesslike, the atmosphere is evident in this picture which depicts our waiting area. It is as comfortable as it looks.


Yesterday, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals upheld almost $4 million in damages awarded to Elijah Turley by the United States District Court in Buffalo, as a result of his employment discrimination and harassment claims against his former employer, Arcelor-Mittal Steel.

Although the Court reduced the punitive damages portion of the judgment from $5 million to $2.6 million, it turned away almost every argument made by the defendants on appeal.

The court noted that Mr. Turley had “endured an extraordinary and steadily intensifying drumbeat of racial insults, intimidation, and degradation over a period of more than three years.” The court noted that the employer’s “meager investigations and nearly total lack of action failed to stop the escalating abuse; instead, managers often appeared to condone or even participate in part in the harassment.”

While the court observed that few recorded cases had dealt with an “award of quite this magnitude” ($1.32 million) in damages for pain and suffering, the reason for this is that this level of harassment and mistreatment had never before been reported, and “the case before us appears to be unique.”

Brown and Kelly, and trial counsel Donald B. Eppers, were honored to represent Mr. Turley in his efforts to obtain justice for what he endured.

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